Woodlodge is preparing for a strong 2018 season after investing heavily in its warehouse and operations facilities to increase its offering to retail customers.

Following on from a phenomenal period of growth – including 2.2 million pots sold in 2017 alone - the leading pot and garden ware supplier was bursting out of its Tetbury headquarters, which currently covers over 100,000 square feet in the Gloucestershire countryside.  Recognising that improvements were needed to maintain full capability of its distribution operations, the company set out to make the necessary upgrades.  From new racking and painted protective flooring, to upgraded lighting, Woodlodge has managed to significantly increase the number of product bays, improving stock capacity for the constant flow of incoming stock.  

Additionally, the new layout has made product identification and logistics easier. Faster selling items have been grouped together for a smoother despatch, whilst the additional space has helped to improve the efficiencies of the warehouse picking team.

Woodlodge Managing Director, Michael Wooldridge said:

“With an increase in sales turnover of 40% over the past four years, the upgrades were needed to keep up with customer demand, whilst also ensuring complete efficiency during peak season.  The new upgrades – though simple in their implementation - mean we can increase the product range we keep on the shelf, as well as creating a safer and more welcoming work environment for our staff.”  


About Woodlodge

Trading since 1987 Woodlodge has witnessed year-on-year growth. The latest company stats include:

  • Sales of over £20 million in 2017, up from £11.5 million four years ago.
  • Distribution of products to over 2,000 garden centres and retail outlets nationwide.
  • 130 staff working in peak season.
  • Employee numbers doubling in the last 5 years.
  • Over 300 lorries per month sent out to retailers over the Spring period.

Woodlodge’s new range additions this year include Feather, a collection of lightweight pots made of recycled plastic and painted different colourful glazes. Others new products include a Driftwood finish pot, as part of their Rustic Garden collection, new shapes and colours in the Heritage Garden range and charity pots for Greenfingers and Marie Curie. There are brand new, innovative indoor planters coming to market, following on from the resurgence of houseplants.

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