VegTrug Limited are pleased to announce the launch of the eagerly anticipated Grow Care range on Friday 8th February. 

The Grow Care range consists of 3 products: Grow Care Home, Grow Care Garden and Grow Care Pot.

Grow Care Home and Garden are smart sensors that are planted either in a plant pot or raised bed. The Grow Care unit then connects via bluetooth to your smart device providing information on soil moisture content, fertility level, temperature and light intensity levels. With the associated VegTrug Grow Care App, the user is able to choose which plant is monitored and can select from 6,000 plants which are currently listed in the App database.

The user is then given specific instructions on how to care for that particular plant. For example, if the moisture level is too low for that plant, the user will be instructed to add water!

The Grow Care Pot monitors moisture and fertility levels and has a light which changes colour to indicate to the user that something needs to be done to keep the plant healthy. It also connects to the same App which can be used for multiple Grow Care Pots or Grow Care Sensors.

Within the VegTrug Grow Care App, the user can create a digital diary with photographs of their plant’s growth and can share this on social media. It also records a history of the plant’s development.

VegTrug Grow Care has been designed to make growing easier for anyone to become a green fingered expert either with flowers or vegetables, indoors or outdoors. No experience is needed now that we have VegTrug Grow Care.

Joe Denham, CEO for VegTrug Limited said, “we are extremely excited here at VegTrug to have created and launched the Grow Care range which will make growing a simple and fun activity for anyone of any age or experience. The philosophy ofVegTrug Limited Announce Launch Of Grow Care Range VegTrug from the beginning was to help people “grow their own" and Grow Care is the expert in your pocket covering thousands of plants to achieve this”. 

Katie Wood, Customer Services Manager for VegTrug is also excited at the prospect of Grow Care and what it can do for her customers. “Grow Care Home will help anyone grow indoor plants and flowers. Grow Care garden has been designed for use outdoors in the VegTrug or any raised bed and Grow Care Pot is the perfect desk top or indoor pot for growing plants to help wellbeing in the office or home”.

The VegTrug Grow Care Range will be available in the UK from Friday 8th February on and will be appearing in various garden centres in the weeks to follow.