Neat Ideas offer a full Sale or Return on every single product we produce, how many companies do you think do this?... NONE! 

Products are support with top quality TV screen demonstrations incorporated into their merchandising stand, making for inspired impulse and gift purchases.

Merchandising stands including TV promotional content are supplied on a loan free of charge and supported every four weeks by a Neat Ideas personnel. If you find a product has not sold as well as expected your area representative will suggest a change-over and then supply a full credit for any products unsold.

The combination is proven to engage consumers with our nothing to lose’ offer, retailers can be totally confident whether they have experience of this approach or are trying it for the first time. It is a fail-safe merchandising system for anyone.

Neat Ideas are moving away from plastic as much as possible, we are changing each packaging to recyclable card, you will notice the Recycle symbol on all packaging moving forward.Neat Ideas your no risk Retailer! 

Mark Broadley, Managing Director commented “we want to reduce the amount of plastic in our packaging to reduce the impact plastic is having on the environment. We aim within the next  Two years to have 90% free of plastic packaging and fully recyclable”

Our top selling products are:

Microwave Steamer- Steaming has long been recognised as the best way to preserve the taste and texture of fresh vegetables, whilst retaining important vitamins and Neat Ideas your no risk Retailer! minerals. A best seller, this good-sized steamer is great for steaming poultry, fish and vegetables in minutes. 

Little Big Duster- This telescopic duster extends to 62cm and has a pivoting microfibre head. The Little Big Duster rotates 360 degrees and locks at multiple angles. It’s a great way to tackle those high ceilings with ease, delicate objects, the windscreen of your car and much more!

Available in 4 colours, yellow, blue, green & purple

Dual ToolDual Tool is perfect for multiple planting and weeding tasks. It allows you to reach Neat Ideas your no risk Retailer! into the flower bed easier, it’s lightweight but strong. With both prongs and a hoe, it’s the ideal Dual gardening tool.

We have many many products within our portfolio, if you would like to sell our products than please contact us on the following:

Tel: 01476 576289